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Recreation in the region of Patrimonio and Saint Florent


The famous vineyards of Patrimonio, world renowned and listed in the national inventory of classified and protected sites, or you will find many wineries that call for tasting.
The village of Patrimonio is located in an exceptional site, at the root of Cap Corse.

The view of the bay of Saint Florent and mountains of Nebbiu is superb.
Feel free to admire the church of San Martinu perched on a hill away ...


Its location in the hollow of one of the most beautiful bays of the Mediterranean, this ancient Roman city is now a popular resort (nicknamed "Little Saint Tropez"), without having lost none of its authenticity.
You will discover ancient buildings such as the cathedral of the seventeenth century or the citadel of the XV which seems to crown the village, but you will also enjoy strolling along the waterfront and enjoy the permanent animation from the marina, located at the village.

Pedestrian excursion from Saint-Florent.

Saint-Florent is the starting point of the coastal path along the coast of Agriates totally protected at 40Km, the conservatory.
It is an amazing universe of stony scrub-covered hills and interspersed with torrents.
You will discover the splendid white sand beaches and crystal clear waters of Lodu Saleccia.

Walks in the Nebbiu

From Saint-Florent, the circuit in the Nebbiu you will discover one of the most beautiful panoramas of Corsica, a hillside road, through a series of perched villages which Murato and its magnificent polychrome church of Romanesque-Pisan style San Michele.
From its promontory, this church combines beauty and Corsican built heritage and richness of the landscape. 2 reasons to include it in your itinerary on the island of beauty
Leave from Patrimonio and tour the Cap Corse:
One of the most beautiful parts of the island but also the most contrasting with its wild scenery, rugged terrain, forests, mountains, picturesque villages but also beautiful coves (remember the splendid white sand beach and clear water of Barcaggio in the far north).
Natural side:
Equestrian centers including Farinole (5Km from the hotel)
Many walks including the famous footpath "sentier des douaniers" (26Km) Macinaggio to Centuri.
Discover the villages of Centuri and its famous fishing port (north) and Erbalunga on the East Coast.

Cultural side

The various Genoese towers, the gorgeous ports that rely Cape, American neoclassical palazzi Tuscan nineteenth century.
Visit Nonza, village, which is integral to a rock, crowned by a tower paoline (built in 1760 by Pascal Paoli) n with its church of Sainte Julie and Museum of citron.
The Genoese bridges, one of the many charms of Cap Corse.
The chapels and churches dating from the fifteenth and twentieth century, Baroque and Romanesque are also part of the wonderful landscape of this region.
All this will make your stay unforgettable with activities for all ages and all tastes.

festive side

The famous Patrimonio Festival, known worldwide, is held in July, in an exceptional environment (the air theater), whose magic attracted the greatest musicians and artists on the planet.
Authenticity, talent, friendliness are the key words of these musical evenings.
In early August in Saint-Florent, port Latino, in the heart of the citadel, embraces the small resort and provides escapist desires with his world music.
As a holiday before taste or the music or festivities extend to the end of the night.
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